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Mini-Split Installation in San Diego

Do you want a highly-efficient singular HVAC unit that can get you to optimal temperatures, no matter the weather? Then a ductless mini split air conditioner is the perfect unit for you. It's a great option for areas like California where it doesn't get too cold, and you can even get it easily installed in a smaller apartment.

In order to truly feel all the comfort a ductless mini split air conditioner can bring to your life, you need to get installed properly, and Eli's Heating & Air is your best bet for that. We're powered by a team of some of the best HVAC professionals in the area.


Eli's Heating & Air Is A Preferred Samsung Ductless Mini-Split Dealer

We understand that getting a new HVAC system can be confusing, to say the least. To reduce this confusion and put your mind at ease, our highly-experienced team of technicians will advise you on the best unit for your home and answer every doubt plaguing your mind, installation process, and beyond. They'll get your approval before making any major move and give you an honest timeline of the installation process.

At Eli's Heating & Air, we believe everybody should have access to top-notch HVAC services, so we offer a plethora of financing options and exclusive deals.

If you're looking to switch up your HVAC with a singular unit that keeps your home at optimal temperatures all year round, then a Samsung ductless mini split is the way to go. They're not only available in budget-friendly options but also highly efficient to save you money in all areas. As preferred Samsung dealers, we house a collection of their top ductless mini splits to get your home nice and comfortable without any hassles.

Our HVAC technicians have been factory-trained by Samsung to help you make the right choice, install your ductless mini split, and repair and maintain them as needed. As preferred Samsung dealers, we're also happy to offer extended warranties on HVAC services, so you know we're right there just in case you need us!

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